Explore one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Czech Republic. Golf Resort Františkovy Lázně is 7.5 km away from Spa & Kur Hotel Harvey.
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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is walking with special poles, which increases physical fitness. Up to 600 muscles are engaged when walking, which is about 90% of all the muscles in the body. This type of walking improves the functioning of the heart and blood circulation, strengthens upper body muscles, and is easy on hip and knee joints. Calorie consumption increases by up to 50%. The route is determined by the natural scenery of the park with peat lakes.

Roller Skating

The route leads through the spa park along the micro train route Milan — America with branches to the football field and the Jih (South) car park and the Jadran (Adriatic) automobile campsite. Smooth asphalt, completely flat, the entire way leads through the woods or park under mature trees. It has light traffic (especially in the western part). One end is in the town and the other at a lake (and a mini zoo)


  • SOOS National Nature Reserve
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Mariánské Lázně
  • Seeberg castle 5km away from Franzensbad
  • Cheb - historic town

More things to do

  • Aquaforum – aqua world and relaxation
  • Cycling
  • Tennis courts 500m from hotel